When executing jobs, as well as logging the output of each job, BeyondCron now also records how each job was started, and also if killed, who killed it.

Started by

Jobs can be started in one of trhee ways, schedule, condition/trigger and interactively.

Killed by

If a job is killed, the name of the user that killed the job is also logged.
Job success

Command line

Using the command line/terminal, it possible to see the action history of more than one execution at a time.

Command line

BeyondCron % job history /examples/sleepy

 Result Started Time Run time Actions Code Output Message ------- -------------- -------------- -------- ----------------------- ---- ------ -------     ... Success 16:49:49 today 16:50:49 today 1:00 schedule 0 No Success 16:57:04 today 16:58:04 today 1:00 adr@tonbo.io 0 No Success 17:01:00 today 17:02:00 today 1:00 /examples/sunset 0 No Killed 17:03:49 today 17:04:09 today 20 schedule / adr@tonbo.io -1 No