The dashboard within BeyondCron allows jobs to be created, controlled and visualised from a single location.

Job overview and flow

Job, and calendars, are organised in a filesystem like tree structure in the left hand HomJobs/Calendars panel.

StarJob overview and flow

To view a job, traverse the tree and select the desired job. The job will then be displayed in the centre Job panel, along with its current status. The job will also be shown within its job flow in the right hand Job Flow panel.

Starting a job

To start a job simply click the button on the Job panel.

Starting a job 1 Starting a job 2 Starting a job 3 Starting a job 4

As the job runs, you will notice that all panels in the dashboard update in real-time.

Viewing the output of a job

To view the output of a job, simply click on an entry within History list of the Job panel. This will display the job output in the right hand Job Output panel.

Viewing the output of a job 1 Viewing the output of a job 2 Viewing the output of a job 3

Viewing a jobs definition

To view, and optionally edit, a jobs definition, click on the Details tab within the Job panel.

Viewing a jobs definition 1 Viewing a jobs definition 2 Viewing a jobs definition 3