Importing from cron

BeyondCron is fully compatible with Posix crontab jobs, including the emailing of cron job output.

To import your own crontab

  1. export crontab

user1@server1% crontab -l > /tmp/user1.crontab

  1. start bc-cli

user1@server1% bc-cli
Enter user1’s password: ********

  1. import your crontab

BeyondCron % cron import server1 /tmp/user1.crontab

Job /crontabs/server1/user1.1 created
Job /crontabs/server1/user1.2 created
Job /crontabs/server1/user1…. created

the crontab file name, must be named either username, or username.suffix where username is the name of the user logged into BeyondCron, and suffix is user defined.

by default BeyondCron does not enable the resultant jobs. If you would like to enable them upon import use the enable flag (see below).

To import a servers crontabs for all users as root

In order to import crontabs for all users you must be admin belong to the admin role.

  1. start bc-cli

root@server1# bc-cli —admin

  1. import a servers crontabs and enable all of the resultant jobs

BeyondCron % cron import enable server2 /var/spool/cron

Job /crontabs/server2/root.1 created
Job /crontabs/server2/root.2 created
Job /crontabs/server2/root….
Job /crontabs/server2/user1.1 created
Job /crontabs/server2/user1.2 created
Job /crontabs/server2/user1….
Job /crontabs/server2/user2.1 created
Job /crontabs/server2/user2.2 created
Job /crontabs/server2/…

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