Crontab entry

BeyondCron supports Posix standard crontab files, as well as a number of ISC Cron and Quartz extensions.

Crontab entry format:

   Second (0-59) — optional
   Minute (0-59)
   Hour (0-23)
    Day of month (1-31)
   Month (1-12) or JAN, FEB, MAR,…
   Day of week (0-6) Sunday = 0, or SUN, MON, TUE,…
   Year (1970-2099) — optional

Each of the fields may also contain one or more of the following symbols:

Day of month
Day of week
* All possible values. e.g. * in the minute field, means every minute.
? No specific value. This is useful when you need to specify something in one of the two fields, but not the other
Select a range of values. e.g. 10-12 in the hour field means, the hours 10, 11 & 12.
, Select a collection of values, e.g. MON,WED,FRI in the day of week field, means the days Monday,
Wednesday & Friday.
/ Define an increment. e.g. 0/15 in the seconds field, means the seconds 0, 15, 30 & 45.

Select the last day.

When used within the day of month field, it means the last day of the month.

When used within the day of field, it means the last day of week within the month. e.g. 5L within the month field, means the last Friday of the month.


Select week days. On its own, it simply means Monday-Friday.

When prefixed by a number, it means the weekday closest to this date. e.g. 15W, means the weekday closest to

the 15th of the month. If the 15th is a Saturday, then Friday will be selected, and if it is a Sunday, then

Monday will be selected. However if 1W is specified, and that is a Saturday, the following Monday will be selected, as only days within the same month will be selected.

When prefixed with L (last day of month),

the last weekday of the month will be selected. e.g. use LW to select the last weekday of the month.

# Select the nth day of the month. e.g. 6#3, means the 3rd Friday of the month.

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