data – calendar properties

Name Value Count
name path 1 Calendar path name.
description string 0/1 Optional description.
includes URL 0+ Optional inclusive iCalendars. Default = beyondcron:/calendar/Daily
excludes URL 0+ Optional exclusive iCalendars.

if the name property value starts with , this will be replaced by import command root parameter.


Inclusive calendar

{ "name": "/examples/calendar/weekdays", "description": "Weekday calendar", "includes": [ "beyondcron:/calendar/Weekday" ] }

name: /examples/calendar/weekdays description: Weekday calendar includes: ['beyondcron:/calendar/Weekday']

Exclusive calendar

{ "name": "/examples/calendar/weekends", "description": "Weekend calendar", "excludes": [ "beyondcron:/calendar/Weekday" ] }

name: /examples/calendar/weekends description: Weekend calendar excludes: ['beyondcron:/calendar/Weekday']

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