commandstimezone list

Command to list all, or a selection of, available timezones.


timezone list [filter]

filter limits output to timezones whose name or description contains the filter string.


the filter string is case insensitive.


List all timezones.

BeyondCron % timezone list

Timezone Description -------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ACT Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) AET Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) AGT Argentine Time ... UTC Coordinated Universal Time Universal Coordinated Universal Time VST Indochina Time W-SU Moscow Standard Time WET Western European Time Zulu Coordinated Universal Time

List all timezones that contain Australia

BeyondCron % timezone list australia

Timezone Description --------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Antarctica/Casey Western Standard Time (Australia) Australia/ACT Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) Australia/Adelaide Central Standard Time (South Australia) ... Australia/West Western Standard Time (Australia) Australia/Yancowinna Central Standard Time (South Australia/New South Wales)

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