commandsserver license

List the servers license, current license instance, or request and load a new license.


server license
server license instance
server license load (file|url)
server license request

instance list the servers current license instance. The output of this command is required when requesting or renewing a BeyondCron license.
load load a new BeyondCron license.
file name of the BeyondCron license file to load.
url of the BeyondCron license to load.
request print the url of the BeyondCron store to request a new BeyondCron license, which will populate the BeyondCron store page with the license instance and the appropriate number of jobs.



List servers license

BeyondCron % server license

----------- ----------------------------- Licensed to BeyondCron Type Perpetual Jobs Unlimited Servers 1 Instance 3555d847 Issued 22 Mar 2021 Expires 22 Mar 2022

List servers current license instance

BeyondCron % server license instance


Print a new license request url

BeyondCron server license request

Store URL:

If executed within the bc-web terminal, the command output will be a link similar the to following:

Store URL:

Load a new BeyondCron license from the BeyondCron store

BeyondCron % server license load…

Load a new BeyondCron license

BeyondCron % server license load /tmp/license.yaml

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