commandsprotected changes

List the change history of protected hosts or users.

To list the details of a specific version of protected hosts or users, use protected list name change.

To compare two versions of protected hosts or users, use property diff.


protected (host|user) changes

host list protected host changes.
user list protected user changes.

read on /_beyondcron/acl/protected


List the property change history for a group

BeyondCron % protected host changes

Time Change Action User Host ------------------- -------- -- ------- ------ ---------------- 15:44:31 today 422e6e61 0 Updated admin 13:37:19 22/01/2020 b7ad96e8 -1 Updated admin 13:36:49 22/01/2020 3760787f -2 Updated admin 10:25:12 22/01/2020 967b29b4 -3 Import server

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