commandsproperty changes

List the change history of a groups properties.

To list the details of a specific version of a groups properties, use property list name change.

To compare two versions of a groups properties, use property diff.


property changes group

group whose properties change history to list.

read on name


List the property change history for a group

BeyondCron % property changes /admin

=Time Change Action User Host -------------- ------- -- ------- ----- ---------------- 18:11:47 today a9f5fc2 0 Updated admin 18:11:38 today fdc4f08 -1 Updated admin 17:59:54 today 176f295 -2 Created admin

List the change history of a deleted property

BeyondCron % property changes /examples/webhooks

Time Change Action User Host -------------- ------- - ------- ----- ---------------- 18:30:01 today fdda326 Removed admin 18:29:43 today 30c45bc 0 Created admin

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