commandsjob status

List status of all jobs.


job status [full] [filter]
job status subscribe [status …] [n unit] [filter]
job status unsubscribe

full include full details of each job.
filter limits output to jobs whose name contains the filter string.
subscribe to real-time job status updates.
status of jobs to subscribe to, where status is one or more of the following:
starting job is starting.
running job is running.
stopping job is stopping.
killing job is being killed.
success job completed successfully.
failed job did not complete successfully due to an error, exception, or was missed or killed.
error job completed with an error.
exception an exception was encountered when running job.
missed job execution was missed, typically because one or more conditions were not met, or it was already running.
killed job was killed.
scheduled job has been scheduled.
waiting job is waiting to be triggered.
bypassed job has be placed in to bypass mode.
disabled job has been disabled.
active job state is starting, running, stopping, or killing.
inactive job state is not starting, running, stopping, or killing.
n Duration of subscribe period. If not specified, job statuses will be displayed for 1 minute, or until unsubscribed.
unit Unit of subscribe period. Where unit is one of second[s], minute[s] & hour[s].
unsubscribe to real-time job status updates.

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List status of all jobs

BeyondCron % job status

Job State Result ------------------------ --------- ------- /admin/updaters/calendar Scheduled Success /examples/server/backup Command Enabled /examples/server/reboot Command Enabled ...

List full status details of a specific job

BeyondCron % job status full calendar.1

Job State Result Time Code Message Next Execution ------------------------ --------- ------- -------------- ---- ------- -------------- /admin/updaters/calendar Scheduled Success 18:33:45 today 0 18:48:45 today

Subscribe to real-time job status updates

BeyondCron % job status subscribe

Fri Jul 07 17:36:21 Starting /admin/updaters/calendar 17:36:21 Running /admin/updaters/calendar 17:36:21 Success /admin/updaters/calendar (0) ...

Unsubscribe to real-time status updates

BeyondCron % job status unsubscribe

Subscribe to error updates for 10 minutes

BeyondCron % job status subscribe error 10 minutes

Mon May 06 09:30:37 Error /benchmark-1/jobs/1-10000/5601-5700/job-5638 (1) ----- 09:30:40 Error /benchmark-1/jobs/1-10000/8201-8300/job-8238 (1) ----- 09:30:40 Error /benchmark-1/jobs/1-10000/6601-6700/job-6677 (1) ----- ... 09:40:34 Error /benchmark-1/jobs/1-10000/5601-5700/job-5632 (1) ----- 09:40:35 Error /benchmark-1/jobs/1-10000/3201-3300/job-3264 (1) ----- 09:40:37 Error /benchmark-1/jobs/1-10000/1001-1100/job-1023 (1) ----- job status subscription completed

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