commandsjob output

Set/clear the output file for a job, or print the output of a job.


job output clear name
job output set name path
job output name [timestamp]

clear the job specific output file, and use the default of {{ dir.tmp }}/beycondcron.{{ encode }}.log instead.
set a job specific output file.
name of job whose output file to set/clear, or whose output to print.
path output file path. This file will be written on the host that executed the job command, or in the case of urls, the bc-agent that called the url. See variables that can be included.
timestamp of job execution to output. Default = timestamp of last execution.

to get a specific timestamp use job history.

read on job


List output of the last execution of a job

BeyondCron % job output /examples/webhooks/random-user

results: - gender: female name: title: mrs first: storm last: 'de boom' nat: NL

List the output from an execution about an hour ago

BeyondCron % job history /examples/webhooks/random-user last hour

Result Time Run time Timestamp Code Output Message ------- -------------- -------- ------------- ---- ------ ------- SUCCESS Today 15:13:35 0.01 1465971215683 0 Yes SUCCESS Today 15:32:10 0.01 1465972330120 0 Yes SUCCESS Today 15:55:35 0.01 1465973735684 0 Yes

BeyondCron % job output $$ 1465971215683

results: - gender: male name: title: mr first: lucas last: marshall nat: US

Set job specific output file

Save the output of a job to a specific folder, and include the date and time, as well as its type in the name.

BeyondCron % job output set /examples/webhooks/random-user \
  /var/opt/random/person-{{ time yyyyMMdd-HHmmss }}.yaml

BeyondCron % job show $$

----------- -------------------------------------------------- Name /examples/webhooks/random-user Description Generate a random user ... Output /var/opt/random/user-{{ time yyyyMMdd-HHmmss }}.yaml ...

Clear a job specific output file

BeyondCron % job output clear /examples/webhooks/random-user
BeyondCron % job show $$

----------- ------------------------------ Name /examples/webhooks/random-user Description Generate a random user ... Output ...

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