commandsjob email

Set the email address of an email job.


job email name address

name of job whose email address to set.
address to send message to.
If address is within the domain, the email will be echoed. Echo jobs support the properties echo_run_min, echo_run_max & echo_success, see bc-echo for full details.

write on name

subject & message for setting the email jobs subject and message.

this command will set the job type to email.


Set an email address

BeyondCron % job email /examples/email/simple
BeyondCron % job show $$

----------- ---------------------------- Name /examples/email/simple Description Send a message to John Smith ... Email ...

Echo an email

When the email address domain is, rather than sending an email, the contents of the email, after variable expansion, will be echoed.

BeyondCron % job output /examples/email/triggered

  To: Subject: Hello John Message: Today is Friday

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