commands – host acl overview

BeyondCron by default only allows users to define jobs that execute as themselves, ensuring that users do not bypass normal operating system security. In order define jobs that execute under under an application or shared operating system user, users and/or their roles can be assigned to one or more host ACls.

What is a host ACL?

Host ACLs are comprised of a host and optional user pattern, and assigned to users or roles in the format [userPattern@]hostPattern. The host and user pattern, are matched against job host, user names and url URL host and user fields. When no match is found, permission to create the job is denied.

See the host acl set for full details on host ACL patterns.



Any user without one or more user/role host ACLs, has a default host ACL of*. i.e. they can define jobs to execute on any server, under their own name only.

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