commands – help

Print information about BeyondCron commands.


help [command [arg …]]
? [command [arg …]]
[command [arg …]] ?

command whose help to print. Default is all commands.
arg command arguments to limit help to.



Print list of available commands

BeyondCron % help

------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ? Print this message acl changes <name> List changes to a specific acl. acl delete <name> [<user/role>] Delete an acl or an acls user/role from the specified name. ... version [full] Print the program version

Print help for a single command

BeyondCron % ? job

---------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- job calendar set <name> <calendar> Set the calendar within which the specified job executes. job calendar clear <name> Clear the specified jobs calendar. job add <name> [<description>] Add/create the specified job. job bypass <name> Place a job into bypass mode. job changes [full] <name> List changes to a specific job. ...

Print help for a command and its argument

BeyondCron % job status ?

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- job status [<filter>] List the status of all jobs or a specific job. job status subscribe [<filter>] Subscribe to updates for all or specific jobs. job status unsubscribe Unsubscribe to job updates.