commandsgroup set

Set the working group.

When set:

  • the output of query commands (e.g. job/calendar list) will be restricted to the specified group and its sub-groups;
  • new jobs or calendars will be created in specified group if their name is relative. i.e backup rather than /server1/backup.


group set [group]
cd [group]

group If relative group will be appended to the working group, otherwise
the working group will be set to group.
Default = /



Set the working group

BeyondCron % group set /server1
BeyondCron % job add test Test job
BeyondCron % job list

Job Type Mode Description -------------------------- ------- -------- ------------------- /server1/backup Command Enabled Business day backup /server1/reboot Command Enabled Weekly reboot /server1/test Command Disabled Test job

Set a sub working group

BeyondCron % group set disabled-jobs
BeyondCron % group print


Clear the working group

BeyondCron % group set

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