commandsconfig set

Set/update a configuration variable.


config set name value

name of configuration variable to set/update. If a name does not already exist, then BeyondCron will create a new user configuration variable.
value to set configuration variable to.

write on /_beyondcron/configuration


Set/override a configuration variable

BeyondCron % config set beyondcron.echo.url http://localhost:8080/offline/echo
BeyondCron % config show beyondcron.echo.url

----------- ------------------------------------------------------- Name beyondcron.echo.url Description URL used by bc-agent when executing a echo webhook job. Default http://localhost:8080/echo Value http://localhost:8080/offline/echo

Set/create a user configuration variable

BeyondCron % config set Hello world
BeyondCron % config show Hello

----- ----- Name Hello Value world

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