bc-web echo

This is a URL that simply echoes its arguments and details about the environment in which it is executed.

BeyondCron will use this url when a webhook jobs’ url is within the example.com domain.




echo_run_min minimum runtime in seconds (0-3600). Default is 2.
echo_run_max maximum runtime in seconds (0-3600). Default is 5.
echo_success probability of success. Default is 80.

if echo_run_max is less than echo_run_min, then the runtime will be echo_run_min.


jsmith% curl http://localhost:8080/echo?name=John%20Smith

Request ------- GET http://localhost:8080/echo?name=John%20Smith   Header ------ accept: */* host: localhost:8080 user-agent: curl/7.81.0 &nsbp; Content -------

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