bc-serverservice status Couchbase

This is a status service that stores job status and output in a Couchbase cluster.

Environment variables

COUCHBASE_CONFIG Name of a configuration file containing Couchbase status service configuration variables. If not an absolute file name, BeyondCron will search BEYONDCRON_DIR_CONFIG for this file. Default is couchbase.dat
If the value of COUCHBASE_CONFIG, contains one or more newline “\n” characters, then BeyondCron will attempt to parse it directly.

Configuration variables

The following configuration variables can be defined within the COUCHBASE_CONFIG file, or as environment variables.

COUCHBASE_NODES Space separated list of Couchbase cluster node/s for BeyondCron to connect to.
COUCHBASE_BUCKET_PASSWORD Password for current and history buckets. Default is a no password.
COUCHBASE_BUCKET_CURRENT Name of the bucket containing the current status of each job. Default is beyondcron-status
COUCHBASE_BUCKET_HISTORY Name of the bucket containing each jobs status and output history. Default is beyondcron-status-history


This service requires the COUCHBASE_BUCKET_CURRENT and COUCHBASE_BUCKET_HISTORY buckets to be created prior to use.

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