bc-server – service overview

Whilst BeyondCron has been architected to be standalone, it can also connect to external services, in order to provide close integration to a sites existing services.

Configuration service

In order to support server registration, discovery and startup configuration, BeyondCron can be configured to use an external configuration service.

The configuration service will automatically populate BEYONDCRON_SERVER_NAMES, allowing allowing bc-agent, bc-cli, bc-web and bc-server procesess to automatically connect to a BeyondCron cluster.

BeyondCron will also use the configuration service for looking up BEYONDCRON_… environment variables.

  • AWS – DynamoDB NoSQL key value database.
  • etcd – distributed key value store.
  • JDBCJDBC database.

Status service

To persist, and view, job status, history and output, BeyondCron requires that a status service be configured.

Management command

User service

In order to integrate into a site, and simplify user management, BeyondCron can be configured to use an external user name service.

  • AD – Active Directory
  • AWSAWS Cognito
  • Unix – Unix PAM
Management command