bc-agentservice Mesos

This is a scheduler service which executes jobs within an Apache Mesos compute cluster.

Environment variables

BEYONDCRON_DIR_CONFIG location of configuration directory.
MESOS_CONFIG Name of a configuration file containing Mesos service configuration variables. If not an absolute file name, BeyondCron will search BEYONDCRON_DIR_CONFIG, the directory in which bc-agent was started, and ~/.MESOS_CONFIG for this file. Default = mesos.dat
If the value of MESOS_CONFIG, contains one or more newline “\n” characters, then BeyondCron will attempt to parse it directly.

Configuration variables

The following configuration variables can be defined within the MESOS_CONFIG file, or as environment variables.

MESOS_MASTER_NAMES Space separated list for Mesos servers to connect to. Default = localhost:5050
MESOS_PROTOCOL Protocol on which the Mesos masters are listening on. Default = http
MESOS_USER_NAME name of user to authenticate with the Mesos servers as. If not defined, BeyondCron will attempt an unauthenticated connection to the Mesos Servers.
MESOS_USER_PASSWORD password of the Mesos authentication user. If the password is in the format file:filename, then the password will be read from filename. Default is no password.
MESOS_FRAMEWORK_ROLE Mesos role to which this agent will subscribe to. Default = beyondcron
MESOS_FRAMEWORK_FAILOVER_RETRY_MINIMUM Number of seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect to a Mesos cluster for the first time. This value will be double upon each reconnection attempt, until MESOS_FRAMEWORK_FAILOVER_RETRY_MAXIMUM is reached. Default = 1
MESOS_FRAMEWORK_FAILOVER_RETRY_MAXIMUM Maximum number of seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect to a Mesos cluster. Default = 60
MESOS_FRAMEWORK_EXECUTE_PAUSE Number of milliseconds to pause after receiving a job before exectuing it. This is to enable multiple jobs to be scheduled in Mesos at the same time. Default = 200
MESOS_FRAMEWORK_EXECUTE_ATTEMPTS Number of times to attempt to execute a job, before failing due to a lack of available Mesos resources. Default = 2
MESOS_FRAMEWORK_WEBUI_URL URL of bc-web. If defined, the framework host entry, within the Mesos web interface, will link to this URL.

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