Upgrading your license

If you wish to increase the number of jobs supported by your BeyondCron license, or change from a standalone to cluster license, you can do so as follows:

1: Renew your license

If your license is due to expire within 3 months, you can purchase a new license and support which will expire 12 months after your current license expiry.

2: Purchase a new license

If you license has already expired, you can purchase a new license with 12 months of support.

2: Upgrade your license

Alternatively you can upgrade your existing license by paying the difference in price between your current license and desired license. When you upgrade your license, the license expiry date remains unchanged.

If your existing license is expired it will remain expired. Whilst will now be able to create more jobs, and/or create a BeyondCron cluster, you will not be entitled to support, or the latest versions of BeyondCron.