commandsicalendar refresh

Refresh all icalendars or a specific icalendar. Refreshing an icalendar, instructs BeyondCron to update the icalendar if the underlying uri has changed since it was last updated. Icalendars are automatically refreshed every 15 minutes by the internal job /admin/updaters/calendar.1.


icalendar refresh [uri]

uri of icalendar to refresh. Default = all icalendars.

write on /_beyondcron/icalendars


Refresh all icalendars

BeyondCron % icalendar refresh

Refresh a single icalendar

BeyondCron % icalendar refresh
BeyondCron % icalendar list full JP

Name Description URI ... References Last modified Last Refreshed ----------- ----------- -----... ---------- ---------------------------- -------------- JP Holidays http:... 1 Sat Nov 16 05:59:35 JST 2013 Mon Apr 28 ...

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