commands – connection list

List details of all connections to the BeyondCron server.


connection list [full] [filter]

full include full details of connections, including OS user, client user, OS, IP address, connection ID, connection session count and creation date.
filter limits output to connections whose host name contains the filter string.

read on /_beyondcron/connections


List all connections

BeyondCron % connection list

Host BC User Type Client ----------- ------- ------- -------------------- agent Agent bc-agent 1.0.140509 server Server bc-server 1.0.140509 test Command bc-cli 1.0.140509

List all connections and their details

BeyondCron % connection list full

Host BC User OS User Client Type ... ----------- ------- ------- -------------------- ------- ... agent adr bc-agent 1.0.140509 Agent ... server adr bc-server 1.0.140509 Server ... test adr bc-cli 1.0.140509 Command ...

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